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AFM Presents at the Botanical Garden Conference

The sun has arrived and gardeners around Alaska are gearing up for summer by attending the Alaska Botanical Garden’s 7th Annual Spring Garden Conference this Saturday with keynote speaker Gary Paul Nabhan, agricultural ecologist, ethnobotanist, and writer. Anchorage Food Mosaic members, and partners Tikaan Galbreath and Jennifer Kehoe will be presenting why they believe food is humanity’s biggest (and most delicious) common denominator.  They are passionate about building community through food and inspiring others to do they same. They will also talk about what they do behind the scenes in their personal lives to incorporate traditional/cultural practices, natural medicine, home DIY, “systems thinking”, and a healthy body and environment into who they are and how they live. Their favorite hobbies are to learn about, grow, wild-harvest, prepare, share, and eat the foods and plants they love.

Join them and other local presenters by registering here and learning more: This is a great opportunity to engage with local and statewide folks who love everything ‘garden’, from backyard chickens and rural farming, to fruits that grow in the Great North and organic veggie basics!


Tikaan Galbreath

Tikaan Galbreath, Co-Founder

Fermented by the fine culture of Fairbanks, 20 years makes a unique sourdough. After 4 years of higher education and traveling, has returned to Alaska with a renewed passion for food and the positive community created around it. As his love for food spills over into his Athabaskan heritage, his concept of sustainability is currently under reconstruction as he engages with traditional practices of the past. Tikaan is an Improvement Specialist with Southcentral Foundation and on the Board of Directors for the Alaska Botanical Garden.