Building community and a healthy food system, one bite at a time.

Who We Are


The Anchorage Food Mosaic’s vision is a healthy food system for ALL Alaskans. Building community through food – one bite at a time – the  Anchorage Food Mosaic was founded to inspire Alaskans to engage in their relationships with food. Each and every Alaskan is an active participant in the state’s food system; we cook, eat, grow, hunt, fish, harvest, buy, sell, and share food on a daily basis. It is an integral piece of life and of our unique and individual identities.

Across Alaska, the diversity of cultures and lifestyles is astounding. Food, as a common denominator for all people, is a tool we can use to share stories. These stories bring us together, explain differences, celebrate traditions, provide opportunities for learning and teaching, and generate interest and excitement for food, its many facets, and all the interactions and meanings it has for us. This is the collective approach of working towards a healthy food system for ALL Alaskans that the Anchorage Food Mosaic founders, contributors, and followers alike envision. Through advocacy, events, dialogue, storytelling, photography, and more, the group is dedicated to Alaska, its people, and their food.

Join us and add your flavor to the mosaic!

Shannon Kuhn

Shannon Kuhn, Co-Founder

Born on the coast of South Korea and raised in Anchorage, Shannon is a lifelong Alaskan with a kimchi twist. She lives to eat adventurously, meet new people, and learn about different cultures and places. She is passionate about reconnecting with her food heritage, as well as the soil it was grown in. Shannon works for the city of Anchorage in public health and is a freelance writer around food and culture.

Jennifer Kehoe

Jennifer Kehoe, Co-Founder

Jennifer's favorite things are her five senses, especially when it comes to food. Whether the smell of cardamom, the smooth whisking of batter, the vibrant colors of fresh veggies, the taste of a table red, or the sound of loved ones exclaiming about full bellies, these are her special moments. An east coast childhood made her a lover of all things seasonal (think apples, maple syrup, and foliage); as an Alaskan, she enjoys fall berry-picking, developing a winter fat layer, foraging for spring greens, and learning to fish under the summer sun. Talk to her about all things DIY, natural medicine, growing your own food, and traveling the world (to eat of course).

Tikaan Galbreath

Tikaan Galbreath, Co-Founder

Fermented by the fine culture of Fairbanks, 20 years makes a unique sourdough. After 4 years of higher education and traveling, has returned to Alaska with a renewed passion for food and the positive community created around it. As his love for food spills over into his Athabaskan heritage, his concept of sustainability is currently under reconstruction as he engages with traditional practices of the past. Tikaan is an Improvement Specialist with Southcentral Foundation and on the Board of Directors for the Alaska Botanical Garden.

Kate Powers

Kate Powers, Co-Founder

Despite having her easy bake oven confiscated from her for questionable experiments, Kate Powers still convinced her Dad to let her continue to bake and cook without recipes. She loves cooking meals for her friends and family, she particularly loves cooking Latin American cuisine, especially Central American and Spanish food where she has been lucky enough to live and study. Kate has a particular interest in immigration and refugee resettlement issues, as well as farm and labor rights. She can make perfect duck egg omelettes, just ask her about it.

Bernice Nisbett

Bernice Nisbett, Contributor

This girl eats for two, don’t let her small build mislead you. At the resilient age of 26, Bernice has eaten her way through several countries; having romance after romance with foods that one shouldn’t live without. Her most cherished memories of traveling are the meals she ate and the people she ate them with. Conceived in Puerto Rico and cultivated on the island of Kodiak, Bernice is most at home nestled amongst foodie-folks and cuisines prepared by hand and heart. Her zeal for food comes from her family’s fusion of their Caribbean-Asian culture, and her gratitude for life can be attributed to her eternal quest to discover and revel in the exquisiteness of the outdoors.

Joe Kallevig

Joe Kallevig, Contributor

Born and bred on the plains of Eastern Montana, Joe now finds himself advising Afghan Police on civil engineering for the NATO training mission in Western Afghanistan. Joe’s love for cooking, food, and culture has followed him where bread builds trust and friendship among coalition members. Pizza parties with Italian forces and piles of Palao rice with Afghan troops have reinforced the power of food to bring people together. Joe’s most recent trips to the Middle East, Morocco, and Afghanistan provide inspiration for new recipes in an unending quest for unique and delicious combinations. He believes simple and natural personal cooking allow one to have control over the cost and nutritional benefit of the food we eat.

Laura Avellaneda-Cruz

Laura Avellaneda-Cruz, Contributor

Laura Avellaneda-Cruz works in the tribal health system on maternal child health and domestic and sexual violence data and program evaluation. A Licensed Master Social Worker and former teacher, her main foci are violence prevention and intervention, but she is also interested in overall community wellness, including obesity prevention and sustainable food systems. An Alaskan since she was a little girl, Laura has only in the past few years been learning to harvest and process fish, game, and wild greens, along with her husband, Oscar Avellaneda-Cruz. Laura and Oscar eat from their garden, bike commute as much as they can, and work to build inclusive and equitable community in Anchorage and around Alaska.

Meneka Thiru

Meneka Thiru, Contributor

Meneka was born and raised in Anchorage, and wherever she travels, Alaska is always home. Being of Sri Lankan heritage and growing up in the Indian community, she finds comfort in eating curry with her hands and has seen how food can be a piece of home that brings families together. Getting a degree in International Studies and Spanish Language and studying abroad has led to a bad case of wanderlust and a penchant for recklessly adventurous eating. Meneka lived in Spain for a year before returning to Anchorage, where she now lives and works.

Natasha Price

Natasha Price, Contributor

Natasha Price was born and raised in Anchorage. She has always had a passion for making useful things, whether they are eaten, knit, sewn or randomly glued and assembled. She received her bachelor’s degree in French and journalism from the University of Alaska Anchorage and spent six fulfilling years working at Skinny Raven Sports. She is currently Program Associate at Spirit of Youth and also does voice over work around town. If you’re awake at 3 a.m. and tune into KLEF 98.1 you might hear Natasha delivering public service announcements. She lives in Anchorage with her husband, Stephen, and young son, Jack. Alaska Knit Nat can be found at and on Instagram at #alaskaknitnat

Lucy Rogers

Lucy Rogers,